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April 29, 2020

Co-op offers lifetime membership benefits, including the promise of high-quality products and services at competitive prices. Everyone is welcome to shop at our Co-op locations, and everyone is invited to become a Co-op member.

Members are owners. They have the ability to participate in the democratic process at their local association’s annual meeting, which includes asking questions, proposing/voting on resolutions, becoming a board member and electing board members.

Member Benefits at the Slocan Valley Co-op

  • As a member of a democratic organization, you have a voice in the direction of our Co-op through your vote at the Annual General Meeting. Members can also run for election on the Board of Directors, representing the members as a whole for the on-going success of the Association.
  • Slocan Valley Co-op Members can also have a direct input by serving on committees or by offering suggestions to our Co-op Board of Directors.
  • Any savings generated by our Co-op are returned to its member-owners, proportionate to the amount they have purchased during the year. These members’ savings accumulates as equity in each member’s share account, so the more a member supports the Slocan Valley Co-op, the greater their equity becomes.
  • Receive equity rebates on their purchases (excluding lottery & gift cards).
  • At the discretion of our Co-op Board of Directors, a percentage of a member’s equity may be returned to the member in the form of a cash rebate. Therefore our Slocan Valley Co-op is owned by our local residents and it becomes a part of our community’s economic viability.

Becoming a member is easy. You can:

Visit one of our locations or visit our Co-op Membership Benefits website for more information about membership and its benefits.

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