Donation Form
March 14, 2023

Slocan Valley Co-operative Association recognizes a responsibility to being a meaningful contributor in bettering the lives of our member-owners and community. Our goal is to support charitable, non-profit, and community organizations that will promote the Co-operative's values and create a positive awareness in the community.

Regular contributions are made to a variety of groups and programs, as well as gifts-in-kind for events or fundraisers.

Programs that are eligible include groups that reside and are primarily active in our trading area with preference given to Slocan Valley Co-op member-owners, registered non-profits, registered charitable organizations, or a community service co-operative.

Programs that are not eligible include those that:

  • are supported by religious, politically-affiliated, or advocacy organizations;
  • do not offer full inclusion, being discriminative of any members of the general public based on background or affiliation (e.g. race, sexual orientation, etc.);
  • require retroactive funding;
  • are primarily or exclusively intended to provide benefits to individuals;
  • are third-party fundraising campaigns, or which less than 100% of the proceeds would be donated to the fundraiser recipient.

See link below to download a copy of our application form. 

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